Violet L Ryan
Author of
Tennessee Moonlight, The Ambassador’s Daughter, Homecoming, DOS, The Contract, Till Death Do Us Part, & Accountable
Co-author of
Absentminded & The Light Side of Dark

Welcome, cyber traveler!
In the vast arena of internet space, I’m glad you chose to visit me.
I have embarked on a wild and wonderful journey of learning how to promote books, build a website, communicate by hyperlinks, WYSIWYG’s and html text, and chat with web surfers online. 

Take a quantum leap to my Biography page to discover my peculiar partialities and aversions. Then surf on over to my Books page to hear more about all my novels.  I’m very excited about the new books and hope everyone who reads them will love the stories as much as I do! 

In my Picture Gallery, you’ll find personal photos and most anything else that strikes my fancy—especially book signings and the beautiful locations I’ve researched for my stories.

Come back and visit me again soon.

Happy reading!



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