Photo Gallery

First book sale at Word for Word with husband Denny

First book sold to best friend, Sharon.

Middletown Library

New Castle Author Chat

 Mudsock Books in Fishers, IN.

  Middletown Library Signing

Book signing at Gathering Grounds Coffee Shop–we had a blast!

 Ask Gathering Grounds Coffee Shop owner Dave Ellison to play and sing (especially John Denver). Then order a cup of coffee, sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Cook’s Floral in Ravenswood, WV

Ravenswood’s beautiful library

Trisha at Ravenswood Library. Thanks for your joy, enthusiasm, and help.

 Angie and Trisha’s great poster, thanks, ladies. Without your work no one would have known we were there!

Borders in Vienna, West Virginia.

Elwood signing.

Shanna at Elwood

Shelby County Plubic Library

Daleville Library

Our table at Borders Bookstore in Hamilton Town Center, Noblesville, IN Lovely place, lovely people!

Yorktown Library

Pendleton Library signing.

 We headed straight for the Fortville Library–no time to change! We had a great time! You can see how tickled I am.

Christmas in Pendleton! Snow in the air and in our eyes, snowball fights in the street, and wonderful aromas from everywhere. In spite of threatening weather, hundreds of people came. We loved it!

Our wonderful afternoon at Kennedy Library in Muncie. Can’t wait to go back!

At Moneyhun’s in Anderson, IN we were surrounded by lovely merchandise and equally lovely people, many of them bought books.

 We had a good time at the Anderson Library author fair. Met some really nice people and look forward to a future reunion.

Waldenbooks in Columbus, IN

2010-12-18 W. Lafayette

Borders in W. Lafayette, IN

 Dayton Mall Borders in Ohio

Tipton Library

Tipton Program

Rockville Library

Our presentation at Tipton: Fiction Writing-Part Two

Singing for The Ambassador’s Daughter at Moneyhun’s.

Anderson Library Authors Fair!

Mudsock Books

Christmas In Pendleton

New Castle Library Craft and Book Sale!


Booksigning at Moneyhun’s Fine Gifts and Furnishings

DSC01570 (2)

Daleville Library


Anderson Library’s Author Fair 12/14/12


Anderson Library’s Author Fair 12/15/12


New Castle Library 3/16/13


New Castle Library 6/22/13


New Castle Library 9-21-13


 Greek’s Pizzaria 2013-10-12

Christmas in Pendleton-2013

Christmas in Pendleton-2013

New Castle Library-11-23-2013

New Castle Library-11-23-2013




Anderson Author Fair 12-13-13


Anderson Author Fair 12-14-13


New Castle Library 3-8-2014


Middletown Public Library 3-22-14

Farmers Marked 5-17-14

2014-5-17 Farmers Market

2014-5-24 Farmers Market 1

2014-5-24 Farmers Market


Farmers Market 5-31-2014

2014-6-7 Farmers Market

2014-6-7  Farmers Market

2014-6-21 Farmers Market 3

2014-6-21 Framers Market

2014-7-5 Farmers Market 0

2014-7-5 Pendleton Farmers Market

2014-7-12 Farmers Market 1

2014-7-12 Farmers Market

2014-7-19 Farmers Market 1

2014-7-19 Farmers Market

2014-7-26 Farmers Market 1

2014-7-26 Farmers Market

2014-8-2-Farmers Market 1

2014-8-2 Farmers Market

2014-8-9 Farmers Market 1

2014-8-9 Farmers Market

2014-8-16 Farmers Market

2014-8-16 Farmers Market

2014-8-23 Farmers Market

2014-8-23 Farmers Market

2014-8-30 Farmers Market 1

2014-8-30 Farmers Market

2014-9-5 Farmers Market 2

2014-9-5 Farmers Market

2014-9-6 Farmers Market 0

2014-9-6 Farmers Market

2014-9-13 Farmers Market

2014-9-13 Farmers Market

2014-9-20 Farmers Market

2014-9-20 Farmers Market

2014-9-27 Farmers Market

2014-9-27 Farmers Market

2014-10-25 Mounds Mall-5

2014-10-25 Mounds Mall

2014-11-8 Christmas in Pendleton 1

2014-11-8 Christmas in Pendleton

2014-11-22 New Castle Library 1

2014-11-22 New Castle Library

2014-11-28 black Friday at the Mall 1

2014-11-28 Mounds Mall

2014-12-5 Moneyhun's 1

2014-12-5 Moneyhun’s Fine Gifts

2014-12-6 Southside Church of the Nazarene 1

2014-12-6 Southside Church of the Nazarene

2014-12-12 Anderson Author Fair

2014-12-12 Anderson Author Fair

2014-12-13 Anderson Author Fair 1

2014-12-14 Anderson Author Fair

2015-5-9 Farmers' Market 1

2015-5-9 Farmers’ Market

2015-5-16 Farmers Market 1 (2)

2015-5-16 Farmers’ Market

2015-6-6 Farmers' Market 1

2015-6-6 Farmers’ Market

2015-7-4 Framers' Market 1

2015-7-4 Farmers’ Market

2015-7-11 Farmers' Market 1

2015-7-11 Farmers’ Market

2015-7-18 Farmers' Market 1

2015-7-18 Farmers’ Market

2015-7-23 Farmers' Market 1

2015-7-23 Farmers’ Market

2015-8-1 Farmers' Market 1

2015-8-1 Farmers’ Market

2015-8-8 Farmers' Market 1

2015-8-8 Farmers’ Market

2015-8-15 Farmers' Market

2015-8-15 Farmers’ Market

2015-8-29 Farmers' Market

2015-8-29 Farmers’ Market



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