Review by Phillis Vegas

RT @ReneeGiraldy: Homecoming by Violet L Ryan #review @VioletLRyan

What a surprise! I really enjoyed this book. It was loaded with mystery, family and love. When Sabrina returns to her childhood home she is less than happy. It takes a while with little bits of memories repeated to gather how Daddy Jack (her Stepfather) effected her. She loved him so much. It is evident when she returns and you understand who Daddy Jack was married to and how she became his favorite. She was unwavering, loving and respectful of his memory. Her Mom was, I think, the love of Jack’s life. He should have been broken, but somehow he healed from too many bouts with misery.

The story proceeds with Cord, Angela and Steve gathering in the home to greet Sabrina. Not pleasant but not bad either. She has to stay there for a period in order to get her inheritance. They all need her and she needs them. WHAT a plot! Cord explains he spent a lot of money on her dark room and supplies. He wants her happy, can either one of these stubborn fools see that? OMG I was rooting for them! He acted kike he wanted her to do her job and be happy while she was there. She couldn’t keep the nagging fears in check. Oh such suspense.

As she enters the house, things start to happen. Of course Sabrina contradicts every bad thought in her mind. The supporting cast of helpers, maids and cooks only adds to the feeling of old wealth. She doesn’t want to think someone is going to kills her least of all her “steps” If you like contemporary romance with suspense then this is it, grab it and read it!

The Ambassador’s Daughter

great rainy day read May 12, 2012

By bedlington

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase

This book is a romantic novel that is like a historical novel (ie chivalry) but cast in today. Set in a warring country with a king a queen and additional nobility. Has a few twist and turns which makes it hard go put down. Get a cup of hot tea a plate of cookiies and settle in for a good read

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Debbi Gooding says on a recent FACEBOOK posting….

Your books are awesome. You need to submit more to be published, so I can have something worthwhile to read!

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Absentminded Reviews
(Third place winner of best sci/fi/fantasy of 2010 on P&E Reader’s Poll)a definite keeper, July 17, 2010By vicky l. ryan (elwood, in United States)

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This review is from: Absentminded (Paperback)

This is a book that you want to savor. It is well written and has all the elements I look for in a great read; mystery, suspense, comedy and romance. I haven’t finished it yet because I don’t want it to be over. I don’t want to read it in my spare time…I want to read it by the pool with a refreshing drink on a sunny day and just take it all in. What more could you ask for?

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What our editor, Tracy Devore, had to say about Absentminded: “I’d like to begin by telling you how much I enjoyed reading Absentminded. Very well-written and a great story line! I imagine it’s going to do very well.”

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Jean Mabrey says on facebook: Is it a “good” thing to wish you a “break a leg”, as in the movie making industry. Hoping and praying you do well. Love the new book as much as I did the first.

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Tina Williams states: I’m loving Absentminded. I read it every night before I go to bed. I’m about 1/3 of the way thru. It’s an excellent piece of work, ladies. I see no reason why it shouldn’t be a best seller.

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Thomas Hull, proprietor of Word for Word bookstore, wrote: “Absentminded” was a great read, it’s very impressive what the two of you have done! I just finished this morning and wanted to let you know that I was impressed and entertained throughout!
The pacing was great, there was absolutely no confusion whatsoever about the characters (due to the author’s extremely clear narrative!) and the plot itself intriguing, suspenseful, & playful…I tried throughout to figure out or analyze the stylistic differences between the two of you but it was nearly seamless: you guys worked extremely well together…I could tell you had fun writing the novel, hopefully there’s more to come individually & collectively!!”

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Mimi Chaney wrote:
“Violet! I finished the other book i was reading this afternoon. I picked up Absentminded, where i absentmindedly left it on a small table by my backdoor. You were right, i can’t put it down! I’m on page 60…….gotta go bye

Ms. Chaney had much more to say but, sorry, I can’t share. Her revelations might compromise the plot for those who haven’t read it yet.

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Pat Stow commented on Facebook: Absentminded is a very good book!! Could not put it down till I was done. Gotta get started on the other book.

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Comments from P&E Poll Voters

This book was very exciting and unpredictable! Loved it!
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The book was fabulous! Couldn’t put it down!!
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This is an absolute joy to read this book. I have found it is very easy to read and to keep up with the plot. I do hope the authors continue to write to keep their fans so entertained. Love you both. TKR
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5.0 out of 5 stars Mystery lover’s dream, February 6, 2011

By co-author

Violet L Ryan

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: Absentminded (Kindle Edition)

Tennessee Moonlight
Absentminded (ranked 3rd in P&E Reader’s Poll) is like an old-fashioned steam-engine train. At the beginning, a great belch of smoke (a mysterious death) precedes the slow turn of wheels. As the engine picks up speed, the reader is pulled into the lives of Doctor Dana Riley and Detective Gabriel Barnard. Steam builds with the investigation into the death of Dana’s assistant Rudolph Muller, a geeky young genius who worships his boss. The plot thickens when she’s abducted and hooked to a brain-draining apparatus that will give the kidnappers all NED’s secrets (her Nano Encoder Device that could control minds). Their new age machines will leave her absentminded and eventually cause her death. After a clever glitch she previously installed allows her to escape, Gabe’s vehicle narrowly avoids her on a twisting mountain road. Gabe catches her, decides she is obviously quite mad, and intends to return the crazy lady to a nearby hospital until she points his own weapon at him. He’s a bright man, plays along, and hears enough information from Dana to wonder if she’s as crazy as he thought. Attempts on their lives convince Gabe she may be sane after all and he determines to learn the truth. The ride takes your breath as Gabe and Dana run for their lives. Suspense builds and suspects multiply until the train rockets to a revelation of master plans to steal Dana’s research. Having reached its destination, the train slows to a hilarious conclusion and a gentle epilogue.

All along the journey, readers experience snappy dialogue, dry humor, suspense, scary technological development, convoluted family ties, and a touch of romance.

This will always be one of my favorite books!
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Tennessee Moonlight Reviews

Title: Tennessee Moonlight
Author: Violet L. Ryan
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN: 978-1-60313-213-8
Genre: Romance

Jackson Barrister, son of a wealthy man in construction, is sent to Tennessee to work for a change. This is a drastic change in his way of life and he doesn’t like it at all.
That is, until he meets Ann Mason, a young recluse who is said to hate men because of an abusive man in her past. They learn they are neighbors, but Jackson also learns to walk carefully around Ann. There’s this large dog named Peanut…
Someone doesn’t want Jackson or his father to use the land for the resort they plan and Jackson is set to catch the marauder who comes by night to do damage. He’s sure his success at this task will allow him to return home and to his former life.
Talented author Violet L. Ryan has crafted a tale about two very different people who come from totally opposite backgrounds. Many women will identify Ann as someone they know who shares her former misery and inbuilt distrust of the world at large while hoping she finds peace too. These two main characters are well drawn and above the usual stereotypes often used in romance. They have a depth of character that makes this a fun read.
Recommended for any romantic at heart. Enjoy. I did.
Review by Anne K. Edwards 08/12/08


Tennessee   Moonlight
Violet L. Ryan Whiskey Creek Press, 2008ISBN: 9781603132138Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for 08/084StarsLove overcomes many obstacles…Ann was attempting to escape her abusive husband when she witnessed the brutal beating of a man.Jack could not tolerate an unsolved puzzle. He wanted to know Ann’s story. Each time he saw her, he became a bit more enchanted with her, a bit more in love. To win her love, Jack must break down the walls Ann has erected for protection and must fend off Gina, an old girlfriend.Tennessee Moonlight is aptly named, for Jack first saw her by moonlight. My heart ached for sweet Ann and the abuse she faced. My heart swelled over the love she and Jack shared. Violet L. Ryan has a talent for drawing reader into her stories. I felt as though I was there to watch this story unfold. Fans of romance will enjoy Tennessee Moonlight.


I received you your book, “Tennessee Moonlight” as a gift and it is wonderful!!! Thank you!
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From Amazon…
Great romance!, December 15, 2008By Patty A. Gallagher “grandmother”(Anderson, IN USA) –This review is from: Tennessee   Moonlight (Paperback) This is the best romance I’ve read in years. Tension, passion, conflict, suspense — it
has it all. Plus a smashing ending. I had to keep reading to the end.Tennessee   Moonlight
Keep writing, Violet, I want more!
******Tennessee Moonlight, August 17, 2008By E. GrimesThis review is from: Tennessee   Moonlight (Paperback) I really enjoyed this story. Once I started reading, I seldom put it down until I was finished. It’s a compelling story that had me believing several times that I knew where the author was leading me. In the end, I was right, once…but I never really knew as I was second guessing until the end. It is fun, mysterious, romantic and an all around good read. I look forward to Violet’s next work.

* * * * * *


Gef‘s review

Jul 24, 12
3 of 5 stars false

bookshelves: e-books, scifi, short-stories, fantasy

Read from June 20 to July 02, 2012
Sometimes  opening an e-book can be deceptive. For instance, when I opened up my review  copy of The Light Side of Dark and saw there were over forty stories listed in  the table of contents, I thought I had just set myself up for a marathon  session. It turns out that, with the book clocking in at a hundred and  seventy-six pages, many of those forty stories are actually flash fiction  pieces. Consequently, the book was a bit of a breeze to get through.
The  Light Side of Dark is a collection that definitely leans more towards lighter  fare than truly dark subject matter. Oh, there’s some twisted little tales  scattered here and there, but for the most part the book carries itself with a  bit of a tongue-in-cheek attitude towards the darker elements of genre fiction.  The book is a collaboration of two authors actually under the pen name of Voni  Ryan, though I’m unsure if the stories are all written as a dual effort or if  that is saved for the longer works in the book.
One thing I noticed with  a lot of the stories is that the authors enjoy finding new twists on old tropes,  whether it’s in the scifi genre or the fairyland sort of fantasy. Then there  were stories that had these big, blatant twists that make The Twilight Zone seem  subtle. Stories like “Contract Time” and “Transporter Malfunction” had instances  of real-life figures and characters from pop culture bleeding into the story,  either through allusion or outright starring roles. Interesting tidbits, but the  stories were so brief, they felt like drive-by cameos more than  anything.
“The Wish Factor” was one of the bright spots in the  collection, in my opinion. The title says it all, as the story revolves around a  genie in a lamp yearning to be free–though there is another story in the  collection actually titled “The Gene in the Lamp”–and finds his best chance  with the woman who discovers the lamp and finds herself being used as much as  she uses the genie. I also liked “The Gold Watch and Other Timepieces” for its  western setting and time-travel element. It ended too early for my tastes, but  what was there was definitely entertaining. “The Galactic Adventures of Shanda  Neary” was another standout with its story of intergalactic law enforcement and  an act of betrayal between two allies.

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